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SUN GOD (Print Only !)

SUN GOD  (Print Only !)
Product Code: TCKB#1285
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Price: AU$3,850.00
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I've always been fascinated with the sun as it's the essence of life as we know it .  To think this giant Nuclear furnace survives in space at a tempeture of -270 Celcius is truly amazing ! Waiting for the sun to rise I wanted to capture the sun just before it had fully risen . The colours from the sunrise were awesome so I knew I had captured something very special that morning .  I knew I had only one shot at it before the sun was to high for what I wanted so I was pleased with the result .  PRINT SIZE : 60"X20" inches or 1530x510 mm . Alternative sizes available . Framing available by request . Artwork is numbered , hand signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity . Also comes with a 24 KARAT GOLD plated plaque to complement the art when framed . Comes with free delivery & Insurance .  A significant price rise with each print sold .         Artist proof LIMITED EDITION OF 5 ONLY !

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